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Roshayla is more of a female name and is known as the leader of the group or the funny one. Roshayla is the definition of beautiful, kind, loving, caring and funny. It's also easy to spot one because of the way they act, sometimes you will need to be careful on what you say to it because it does know a lot more words than you can think of. Roshayla is also a thing where it drags boys Into liking her because of the way she makes them smile or laugh, and believe it or not can be good at acting so be careful you don't know if she's acting or not.
Roshayla: hey , can we go park

Dumb shit: nah can't be asked
Roshayla: why? Is it because I said I couldn't go to your house yesterday?

Dumb shit: No
Dumb shit: hello
Roshayla: bye
by Ally bea April 07, 2017
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