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A sophisticated test of one's inner ego, as expressed by sharting onto a blank canvass from several feet away. It's uncertain where this practice first originated, but it is depicted in Pewpitre tribe drawings. According to these drawings, the tribe's shaman would concoct a natural laxative from ingredients such as plums and cherries. After consuming the mixture, a tribe member would then projectile shart onto a clean cave wall. The splatter pattern of the shart would then be interpreted by the shaman, to explain the soul of the sharter and/or foretell the future. A strong shart was always a good omen.

In later times, Freud famously conducted numerous experiences with rorshart tests, identifying a strong correlation between the splatts and chunkiness with various conditions of the inner ego (Oedipus complex).
I had really bad diarrhea the other night. The back of the toilet looked like a goddamn rorshart test!
by thrashertm December 12, 2010
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