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an extremely tasty alcoholic conconction which involves pouring beer into a shallow glass then dropping a shot glass filled with rootbeer schnapps into the middle and guzzling it until it is gone.
Drunk: damn im drunk, i just took like 10 rootbeer barrels

Bartender: you are cut off get out of here
by Auneeezy October 10, 2005
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Derogatory nickname for James Harden of the Houston(Texas) Rockets in the National Basketball Association. Coined by Something Awful Forums user Brolander, who in a GDT (Game Day Thread) witnessed James Harden do some stupid contorted crap to try and get a foul on a three point shot attempt and expressed his disgust by calling Harden "you, you...Root Beer Barrel!" A reference to both the root beer flavoured hard candy and a literal barrel of root beer, it lampoons bullshit antics and barrelish chest shape. You can technically call someone else a RBB but you are still referring to James Harden, it is not a generic term for a foul-seeker or rule-abuser. It is not racist.
"Oh, ok. Get your 3 free throws James, with your fuckin' sucks-to-watch, sleep walking, dick touching Root Beer Barrel ass."
by baunceychillups January 29, 2019
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