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Rondaya is the most unique name of all. There are very few Rondaya's in this world. She is gorgeous, hardworking, fashionable, and never boring. Rondaya has an upbeat personality. She loves to have fun especially if it involves cocktails. Rondaya loves attention, that's because she draws it. She is the prettiest girl in the room with an amazing smile to die for. Men can't help but stare and women can't stand the presence of her in eye sight. Rondaya is very generous but don't take her kindness for weakness because she isn't afraid to address any situation. Rondaya loves her family but she rarely have friends, she stays to herself and she loves it that way. Rondaya is just so amazing. Guys get you a Rondaya!.. if you can find one.
I approached such a beautiful girl the other day I can't get her off my mind she said her name was Rondaya.
by buetiful_liar March 15, 2017
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