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An illusion some people have that they are with someone not for the sake of sex. Many people share this false belief not knowing that 'romantic sense' is only so the girl won't think the guy only wants to pork her and thus put out and everyone will remain happy - the girl will be loved in the 'romantic sense' and the guy will get some pun tang. It's basically what stupid girls mistake for love, put out, and than the guy tells his friends all about it, and we can all laugh at what a slut she is.

If any guys reading this really love someone in the romantic sense and don't care for the sex at all and just want to be loved, I truly wish them a happy life with their boyfriend.
emo douche: I truly love her and want to be with her in the romantic sense, it's not only for sex.
normal dude: Gay...
by MAXalc. May 29, 2008
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