The romantic goth embodies what the original gothic style of arcitecture and liturature were all about: romance, decadance,an ornate asthetic,and the view that darkness and beauty are one in the same.

They have an appreciation for vintage clothing from many eras, but most have a particular fondness for the Victorian style. It was during the Victorian era that the gothic liturature movement emerged. Most romantic goths are avid readers of books from that movment and books in general.

They tend to be creative, imaginative, idealistic, sentimental, and have a love for all things old fashioned.
Amanda Palmer from the Dresden Dolls is a romantic goth.
by comicsgrrl April 19, 2008
A darkness loving, very emotional aspect of the gothic culture. Poetry and lace are highly valued, as well as corsets, velvet and coffins. Many are inspired by Victorian fashion and vampires. Very ghostly and dreamy.
Sat in the pew of a Church, tying a new scrap of black lace around a new self inflicted wound, while singing in Latin and attempting to read another's palm at the same time.
by DreamingBloodMistress December 12, 2003
A subspecies of goth, known for it's love of fancy Victorian clothing, poetry, and wispy ethereal music. The sort that you'll find reciting Shakespeare under willow trees in cemeteries on moonlit nights while weeping tragically or some such.
by Cimmerian Southpaw October 13, 2003
happy. usually likes black and red. wears lace, velvet, and interesting makeup. usually in love, hence the name "romantic". likes to dress up, wear hair in different ways, and has obsession with red roses, or even black roses.

what a romantic goth is not: emo, sad, whiney, wrist-slitting, obssessed with reputation/friends/myspace
a romantic goth girl:
usually wearing black with minimal red, carrying red/black roses from her boyfriend. is "dressed up", looks somewhat professional, and has a smile on

a romantic goth guy:
like the girl, usually wears minimal red with lots of black. carries black/red roses and other various tokens of love for his girlfriend. may have normal hair, but not always. usually smiling, but only if he's with his lover
by eroshiyda September 1, 2006