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A rolling dumpster fire is an individual, or a collective, whose actions are treacherous, destructive, bone-headed, and out of control. A rolling dumpster fire's appearance may be messy, unkempt, ugly, and/or completely uncoordinated. Though very much like a hot mess, dumpster fire, or a train wreck, the main distinction of a rolling dumpster fire is that he or she is out of control, can't be stopped, and is threatening to light the whole goddamn neighborhood on fire.
"Did you see Martha's weave this morning? It was all off and shits. That girl is a rolling dumpster fire."
"Rosie is a rolling dumpster fire. She came in asking us stupid questions about the project, and then nobody got anything done until noon."
by Snap Captor December 03, 2009
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