R20 also known as (Rollin 20 Crip) and are mostly associated with "Crip" and run most of Roblox hood games and one of the most nitrous gangs in roblox.
Ay Cuhz -Rollin 20
Wass Craccin Cuhz-Rollin 20
by Roblox Gangs March 22, 2020
1) meaning to be driving in a Import (i.e. Honda civic) and to have 20 inch wheels on it
2) to be riding a bmx bike that has 20 in rims or a 20 inch top tube
1) "Man, we be rollin on 20's up in this joint, ya hear?"
"Those 20's your rollin on are Bitchin!"
2) "man, i'm rollin on new 20's, check these bad boys out."
by torrance dodge May 16, 2005