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Rojina is the prettiest and sexiest girl. She is understanding,smart,kind,giving,and the coolest person alive. She is a quiet girl but once you get to know her she is crazy and the most fun and coolest person you well ever meet. She is also love able. She is also the shyest person you'll know until you get to know her. She trust very fast so don't ruin her trust. She is very insecure about herself. If you ever meet Rojina don't let her go! It well be your loss if you do.!To know the real Rojina you must become cole to her.
Boy#1:who is that girl damn, she sexy .!!?
Boy#2:her name is Rojina ,she mine. Isn't she perfect.
Boy#1:oh yea! dude you lucky.
Boy#2:yes i am.
by Fiulfhcg September 28, 2013
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