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Roirguh is a word used mostly as a war/victory cry, or a cry used to let others know that the person(nes) saying the word is about to do something relatively important. Pronounced 'roy-ur-guh', it is usually spoken in a deep and 'evil' voice.
Example 1:

A: I am about to do something relatively important, like for example running into the middle of a riot/crowd/bar fight.

B: Now would be the best time for you to go.

A: Yes, I shall do this task now. Roirguh! (Runs into middle of riot/crowd/barfight.).

Example 2:

A: I, a trained warrior in an army of a particular name, am going to to rip an organ, preferably the heart/liver, from a fallen enemy. As I raise my hand above my head to rip out said organ, I ready myself through my monsterous call. Roirguh! (When Roirguh is spoken the warrior delves his hand into the depths of the fallen enemy's body and rips out the aforementioned body part.).

Example 3:

A: We have won a great battle, and, to let any enemies who are still possibly alive know, I am going to let out a victory screech. This sound will profess my greatness and my glory among this open and blood-strewn battlefield.
Roirguh! (At this moment the army cries joyfully at hearing their leader profess their victory.)
by OwenMDW September 25, 2009
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