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roflcoptercake literally means "rolling on floor laughing copter cake" the coptercake is there cuz it sounds legit. Many Sweet Laxer Brah's use this term.
-i was just playing the sweet lax and then somebody said the funniest thing.
-thats hillarious brah, what'd u say back?
-i was like, roflcoptercake brah
by daspa2012 June 06, 2009
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an expression such as lol, rofl, lollerskates, lollerbate, etc

this term combines roflcopter with roflcakes

a clever and more lengthy way to say lol
L337 Crew Terrorist: d00d!!1one that ct just uber naded himself!! lol
Phoenix Connexion Terrorist: ROFLCOPTERCAKES!1!one!!uno!eleven
by Toad` September 18, 2005
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