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Spinning around shooting in all directions while hoping something hits, but not landing a single bullet in the end and usually being shot in the head in the process.

Spewing a series of insults at someone hoping one of them was at least slightly clever all while knowing you just set yourself up to be taken down with a big burn.
Guy #1: "Your mom"

Guy #2: "turn on the light and take a closer look, that's your mom"

Guy #1: "I dont know...My mom is fat, but damn. The lady next to me is a whale... Must be related to you"

Guy #2: "that's my german exchange student. i sent her over to thank you for the head your grandma was giving me last night"

Guy #1: "My grandma was giving you head. I didn't know you were gay because my grandmothers really a guy. And then afterward she complained about the BJ, saying that she needed a magnifying glass to even know she was sucking on anything."

Guy #2: "Nice roflburn, n00b"
by Bmathers21 June 19, 2009
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