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1. the event, situation, or performance is very good and very pleasing
2. an individual that is outstanding in some way, or has possibly taken action that is outstanding

“Rock” is referring to “that rocks!”, which means a good or pleasing event, situation, or performance. “Toast” refers to the result of defeating odds or accomplishing a goal, also sometimes as the intended, confident positive result of a goal. An example of this meaning is used in Ghostbusters, “This chick is toast!”, meaning “We will very successful in defeating this woman”, so much, in fact, her existence itself would be as dry and crumbly as toast. In combination, then, the ‘rock’ part is used as the praise and degree of the skill involved in the “toast”, the successful result of the endeavor.

"Finally got my high speed internet set up at the new place!"

"Rock Toast!"
by Violet Chaos November 02, 2008
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