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The efficient, robotic, superior being that would take Obama's place if he were to have a near-fatal incident. The "Robobama" would only be considered a Robobama if the original brain were to stay in tact. Robobama, being all efficient, would seem somewhat corrupt because he would only pass new legislations that would upgrade his CPU/Personal Weapons Systems/GPS Facilities. However, citizens should not mistake Robobama as corrupt because he is just a more efficient being and his processes are more complex than the average bystander can comprehend.

Just as opposers to Obama called him Socialist, Robobama's opposers would likely accuse Robobama to subscribing to Mechanist beliefs and ideals.
Man! Isn't it sweet that they reconstituted Obama into Robobama! He's like a presidential Robocop!
by Tomgoestothemayor January 26, 2009
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