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a nascent collective musical venture incorporating a variety of different instruments, musical inspirations, and musicians coming from widespread musical/lifestyle backgrounds. songs commonly take the form of freeform, improvisational jams, directed by one or more member(s) involved in the production.

the members are impossible to list here because they are constantly cycling, often with only a fraction of the members participating on each track. for example, only two of the members have participated on all material so far.

the largest draw is likely the wildly varying instrumentation and musical styles featured in their material, for example the latest recorded track is composed of a central banjo loop, and then is built up with cello, guitar, bass guitar, and piano. thus far there is no singing or drumming, although both are hopeful integrations for future recordings.

robin & the wolf's first recording involves two guitars, bass guitar, keys, and trumpet.
by e miller September 14, 2007
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