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A "Rob Ruby" is a STD that causes massive swelling of the male testicles which then resemble the large red jewels, henceforth the name "Rob Ruby." The name dates back to the late 1890s after the first well established case, after a young English tailor (named Robert Rubiford) who was well known for his frequent visits to brothels. At one time Rubiford claimed to have boned over 800 prostitutes. Many historians believe that this is what eventually led to the creation of the disease. Though modern cases only have the male's genitals swell to two or three times it regular size, accounts of Rubiford's swelling claim that his testicles grew to over three feet in diameter.
My doctor told me I have Rob Ruby yesterday. He prescribed a cream, but he still told me that there will be some swelling.
by Chris Ding January 30, 2006
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