n. loud bubbly person, who quieted down a bit – Why so shy, Road Kill?

life of the party, funny dude, used to be funnier, clown– Road Kill knows what he has to do to get attention

broken libido, doesn’t stick to his agenda, dull, residuals, don't like that look in his eye – Hey, Road Kill, are you SURE you’re ok?

someone who gets ripped apart and doesn’t fight back, or doesn't fight back in the right direction – Hey, Road Kill, wake up and smell the coffee… hint, hint… you’re getting torn apart

a mixed-up panda that eats shrubs – Hey, Road Kill, I wouldn’t trust those guys with my bamboo or my twigs

a cuddly polar bear that is more wicked than you – Hey, Road Kill, seals, fish, or slushy?
“Dude, Road Kill, was HILARIOUS tonight. Does Road Kill need a ride? No worries, he’ll take a cab”

“ ‘Hey, Molly, your husband’s clothes fit funny girl. Do you want to get some of this loving?’

You bet your ass I do. It’s my dead ass husband that’s Road Kill not me.’

‘You ready to step into the jungle?’

‘Aw, man, you know I see you. Yeah, I’m looking right at you. You, the Road Kill, I see you. You’re freaking me? You like to watch? How does this make you feel?’ “
by AmericanBeauty47 April 05, 2012
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An old, hag looking, ghetto weave that sits awkwardly on top of the head . Road Kill weaves don't move or flow, they stay stuck in one position like a crooked

postage stamp.

You'll know when you see a weave that has entered Road Kill stage because it looks like a car that needs a front end alignment (which is exactly the problem with a Road Kill weave: it needs to be realigned).

One of the most ridiculous looking Road Kill weaves are blond because it is the most unnatural looking model of Roadkill.

Also called a Davey Crooked.
Why does that stripper's weave look so menacing like a Hunter's wall ornament?

Oh, she's new and just started making money, so she'll probably lose the Road Kill by her next shift.
by BTGSOLDIEROFYHVH December 06, 2018
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