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Basically, a device used to efficient utilize the small, roach end of a blunt. A roachanator is comprised entirely of a plastic bottle with two holes burned through it (both holes are located at the end (or bottom) of the bottle. One is used as s carb and the other, which is perpendicular to the carb, is what the roach is inserted into. To hit a roachanator, one must insert the roach into the roach hole and hold the carb as they inhale through the top of the bottle. When the bottle is filled with smoke, one must then cover the top as they exhale. The user must then release the carb as they inhale the remaining smoke in the bottle.

A roachanator is also sometimes referred to as a Ralph Nader or Ralphanader in reference to the pro marijuana politician.
Dan: I made a roachanator for the blunt.
Me: Fuck you.
Dan: Don't you wanna get fucked up?
Me: Ok.
by JJBroChill17 November 27, 2007
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