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A virtual nation filled with horny 10 y/o asking for nudes from girls in exchange for a "rank".
"ro-nation" stands for "roblox nation" or basically a group which is orginazed as a nation.
Those are usually refering to every other ro-nation as "bad" or "botted"
Democratic People of the Republic of Korea(DPRK)
Colombia:DPRK is gay lol
DPRK:at least we are a real ro-nation COLOMBIA.
Morocco:we want peace
*one day later goes in war
"Colombia declares its official animal as rat because of their behaviour and disease spreading nature, just like Morocco"
A fake Iraq botted it-self to get relevancy in the RO-nation world.
"Palestine is a shit RO-nation
It's not even a nation!"
by Russian Politician February 20, 2017
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