One who listens to industrial music, yells in German, wears welding or WW2 fighter pilot goggles, and stomps on ravers. D IS FOR DEUTSCHLAND
"Be careful of that rivethead over there who is listening to Funker Vogt. He might assimilate you!"
by Robert Roboto August 10, 2003
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A dystopian, fashion, and musical subculture, that embraces chaos, and anger. Similar to the Punk Subculture, in it's need to stand apart from Society's 'Normal' , rivetheads try to make a statement visually and verbaly. They listen to Industrial themed artists and bands such as: Combichrist, Angelspit, Rammstein, Geist Kinder, Modulate, and Nine Inch Nails. Rivethead fasion is mostly black or dark clothing consisting of: combat boots, Military Jackets or shirts, goggles, gas masks or respirators, industrial music shirts, bondage harnesses, and straps, chains, and badges, patches, or medals. It is not uncommon for a rivet head to shave their head completely bald, or into a short Mohawk. Rivetheads, usually associate with members of the goth or punk subculture, but are not members themselves, even though their political, and social views may be similar. Rivetheads enjoy solitude or small social gatherings in decrepit settings such as junkyards, abandoned warehouses, or condemned buildings. When they do attend large social gatherings it is in either a club or concert setting.
OMG Bill, I almost called that Rivethead "goth", I bet he would have tried kicking my ass if I did.

by D+N8 March 20, 2010
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A subtype or offshoot subculture of the goth or gothic subculture; also called Rivet. Rivethead has a more militaristic or post-apocolyptic aesthetic, and is more aggresive than Goth. Industrial music forms the meat and potatoes (MRI's and muddy water) of the rivethead's musical taste.

In as much as industrial music has always been integral to the gothic subculture however, and some of the founding musical influences which inspired the Rivethead subculture were bands who's members were merely goths dressing up militaristic for their stage performance, it is contentious in the gothic community as to whether Rivethead is actually anything other than a particularily aggressive style of Goth (with a majority of goths holding the opinion that it is not). Many people who identify with the Rivethead subculture are indistinguishable from goths, even to other goths, and to make matters worse most rivethead fashion models are goths.

Just like many goths, rivetheads find inspiration in cyberpunk and dystopian science fiction. However unless that whispy cloud partially obscuring the full moon is the smoke from a burning tank, a true rivethead sees nothing more than a giant nuisance in the sky possibly revealing his position to the enemy.

Gothic cathedrals are also beautiful after a warplane crashes through the back wall destroying as many religious artifacts as possible.

Just like gothic aesthetics, rivethead aesthetics integrate the sublime. In the case of rivethead however, the imagery is more related to the horror of global war, weapons of mass destruction, genocide, apocolypse, mass graves, totalitarianism and awe in respect of imagery such as vast armies of mechanized infantry, complex machines (especially factory equipment and construction vehicles), movements and dynamics of society and economies on a global scope and undefined time scale.

Generally speaking Rivethead is less influenced by feminine aesthetics of grace, romance and beauty than typical Goth, and are more influenced by the masculine asthetics of strength, fury and revolution. However... mileage may vary and the lines are very blury.

Rivetheads do not like black lights or glow-in-the-dark accessories any more than other goths do. For glow-in-the-dark see Cybergoth.

Both goths and rivetheads like the color black.
Goth: I love your boots they are so gawth!
Rivet: Actually I consider myself a rivethead.
Goth: oh? I thought you were goth. are you sure?
Rivet: I don't like to label myself but someone told me I'm "rivet", so I guess I'm "rivet".
Goth: Hey.. excuse me.. they're playing my favorite band 'Skinny Puppy', I gotta go dance!
Rivet: that's my favorite band!
by TheDarknessVisible December 20, 2006
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Someone who deeply loves industrial music. They tend to hate nature, love machinery, and are very powerful. They may or may not like the military, but always wear things that either a army soldier or engineer wears, esp. some sort of goggles. A rivethead is usually very angry or/bitter. Despite the fact that most rivetheads can be identified by steel-toed military boots, long hair that has parts of the sideburns shaved, a trenchcoat, and a t-shirt of some obscure german-band/computer game, there is a thing such as a "Closet Rivethead". Closet Rivetheads are known to attend a prep school where they are generally regarded as a terrorist-in-training/neo-nazi, and therefore to avoid conflict will often conform to school dress codes while in school, which forms a striking contrast to his appearance outside of school. NOTE: Most Rivetheads are existentialists/nihilists.

Despite their engineer/soldier appearance, most Rivetheads are actually writers.
A Rivethead? Don't you mean a geek with a bad attitude?
by Isaac January 23, 2004
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A belittling term used for scenesters who listen to the bastardized, watered-down sub-genres of Industrial music.
Das Bunker in LA is full of rivet heads who think Ministry is Industrial.
by fasciitis May 14, 2005
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A band based out of Dallas, TX, who's main focus is indeed the industrial/hard rock/metal/goth scene.
I was at the Stars game yesterday, and a Rivethead song came on during a line change!
by jonflow January 06, 2008
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