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This is a term often yelled by chavs to the retreating/wandering away backs of anyone who they feel they have just beaten at a round of verbal sparring/who has fallen foul of another person's wit or what the chavs take as wit, but is actually exasperation (this is much more likely, as it is very hard to be beaten by a chav at a round of come backs). Sic can either mean very very good or very very bad, and in this instance it causes this phrase to be translated as 'You just got thoroughly beaten in a slanging match'. It is also used when a chav has to buy time to look up in a dictionary what you just called them, or when they think that they have won an argument.
Example 1
Normal person: Would you mind passing me a ruler?
chav 1: Yer MUM!
chav 2: HA HA HA, you just got ripped up sic! *proceeds to do that intensely annoying thing that they do when they hold their hand above their head and make their fingernails click together*

Example 2:
Jimmy (Normal person): Sir, sir, what does 'assonance' mean?
Teacher: And that's why you're in the bottom set, Jimmy - we've been covering this for five lessons. Please pay more attention.
Chav: (No idea what assonance is either, but couldn't care less) HA HA, you just got ripped up sic! *immensely annoying hand thing*
by xx-Erin-xx October 06, 2007
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