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The act of exp boosting in gears of war 2. Heres how to do it:

#1:find a match of social king of the hill.

#2:Upon entering, swing a smoke grenade to signal that you want to boost.

#3: one team stay in the circle while the other enters and exits continuously.

#4: Repeat with opposite team.

#5: Watch out for those level 100 bastards that will try to ruin it for you. Have another level 100 as a guard.

#6: This is not bad boosting. Getting to rank 100 will supposedly get you all golden guns in gears 3. Who doesn't want golden guns?

#7: Try to resist the temptation of blowing raam's head off until the end of the round.

#8: If you want to rank up fast the epic games way, play the boring ass tickers only horde they've had for ages.

#9: I bet call of duty fans will prevent this from being published, because "all boosting is bad".
I need to do some ring boosting before gears 3 comes out.
by annnnonnnnymous September 18, 2011
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