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The conjunction of two perfect children. William Zhang and Riya Sangwan. Together they make the omniscient couple that is RILLIAM. They are so cute together and words can not express how perfect they are. They go together better than Jake and Allison. My eyes are brought to tears upon seeing them. Their ship name is Rilliam. All praise.
"OMG, look at those two they are almost as cute as Rilliam
by RilliamSupporter May 20, 2018
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The sexual term where an Indian and an Asian male join together. Once they join together they hug and always walk together in a state called, "Rilliam."

Also known as the perfect transracial couple between an Indian and Chinese.

Originating from the conjunction of William and Riya
" Dude have you seen those two walk together"
" Do you mean Riya and Billy?"
"Yeah! They're in a state of Rilliam, isn't it great?"
by RilliamSupporter June 08, 2018
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