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Long light blond or brown hair. Has curves other girls would die for. She has a way with guys and can easily make them want her. Rikelle Taylor is one of my most fun people u will ever know. She is absolutely adorable. Needs her space but when she wants it she is a huge cuddle bug and loves to tease boys with her flirtatious aditude. Chooses the guys she dates very carefully so if u have been a lucky guy with her you are special and precious. She has a very intense temper and intimidates people with ease. Has many friends and liked by many people. If u get on her bad side she can put you in the bad with many people because she has "people" she can get information she needs from so watch your back. Very forgiving. Has a hard time with confidence and thinks badly of herself but is aware of her powers to control people the way she wants (she is a very persuasive girl). Very loyal friend and will stay a loyal friend until u hurt her in some way. Once in a "zone" she may not be aware if you are calling her name or waving at her. She is a very detailed daydreamer and most of the time when you ask her what she is thinking about and she tells you its not really what she was thinking about. Has many friends that are guys bc she likes more guy things than girl things and doesn't trust girls as much as she trust guys. Loves doing things she can get in trouble for or she isn't sopposed to do.
She is such a Rikelle Taylor by the way she can get amy boy.
by Rav24 January 22, 2017
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