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A school full of juuling burnouts with the occasional hint of terminal autism. Also full of oblivious teachers who have no idea what the fuck is actually going on. A kid shit in a book at this school for the senior prank, Garbone is strong with this one.
Wow, I thought I've seen autism at its finest, but then I remembered Ridgewood High School is a thing.
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by Sinantitties December 07, 2017
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A high school in New Jersey where girls would leave you for niggas named mike hunt, mike litoris, pat mahiney, Ben Dover, or fucking Chris hairy ass. They must thing a nigga with a funny last name is hotter. A kid from that town also got expelled for hosting a party that got raided with drugs, so he had to attend leonia high school for until he came back his senior year. After he graduated he got arrested for sexual assault. So yeah this school’s a dayroom and has a bad rep.
Steven: hey what school do you go to?
Scott: I go to ridgewood high school

Steven: I heard niggas with funny names get the bad bitches from that school
Scott: Ik it’s bullshit I wanted to get with this one girl but she’s dating imap ness
by Peut Blesser June 12, 2018
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