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Ridge view Charter School is a school based in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2014, there was a gun incident, almost causing a school shootout. The police officer was fired because she didn't do anything about the situation, so the administration had to take care of it. 3 Major Gangs of Atlanta have parts in the school, and fights break out daily. In 2015, 2 students got so many silent lunches and detentions, they would have to stay for an entire school year to make up for them. The Music Program is fantastic because of the Great teachers pulled in since the re-staffing of music teachers in 1996 for Band and Chorus and in 2014 for the Orchestra. During the Last week of school during the first semester, a teacher said, "F*** it, I'm out!", and stormed out of the classroom.
Ridgeview Charter School is OK with 20% of their students failing.
by ImplosiveTech1 February 01, 2017
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