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(just to clarify rick battam is not a real person, so please dont reject this submission)

rick battam is the crowned king of the rock bottom lifestyle. he's a social disaster, and a financial joke. romantically, he's a full tilt dumpster diver. he has trouble maintaining a job or a socially acceptable level of hygene. rick battam loves the booze, and is no stranger to space junk. many of us have been rick battam at one point in our lives, and we've all seen him (at bus stations, bowling alley's, arby's etc.) rick battam can be used as an adjective or proper noun.

... i woke up in a pile of vomit with no idea where i was, or where all my money had gone; i was completely rick battam

sleeping with maya was a rick battam descision
by geofftaylor August 11, 2006
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