A great idea in theory to get 2 years of college for free, but then you realize after only a day that you have entered high school hell. If high school weren't awkward enough. It is composed of an impossible curriculum see senior capstone and teachers who hate their lives.

If it were not for the friends made (if any) completing this program is completely impossible

Warning: may suffer from lack of sleep, suicidal thoughts, commit murder, lose your religion from swearing so much, and various mental conditions

Similar names: RCHS; Hell
Kid 1 : Hey where do you go to school?

Kid 2 : Richland Collegiate High School.

Kid 1 : aww I am so sorry.

Those teachers from RCHS suck!

A: Did you hear what happened to Tom from RCHS

B: Yeah I heard he committed murder from lack of sleep and is now in a mental facility.

A: sucks for him
by napkin fiasco November 13, 2009
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