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Initially comes across as a pretentious arsehole but once you get to know him you will realise this is still the case. Often have blue eyes receding blonde hair and skin as pale as a vampire. Profoundly witty, often with a laugh that can carry for several miles. Love a good Indian and have a strange penchant for tiles. Very cautious when it comes to sharing their emotions but are actually very sensitive and deep thinkers. People instinctively drawn to their charismatic charm and quirkiness. Tendency however to be over controlling and a tad OCD.Often very professional (in appearance) and will frequently refer to themselves as such but are actually outrageously silly and immature especially after a few gins! Often found working in the fitness industry whilst dreaming of being pub landlords and are mostly alcoholics using fitness as a cover story. They enjoy the lavish lifestyle and living beyond their means. Often own an expensive car like a Porsche /Mercedes to flaunt the copious amounts of money they actually don't have (usually because they have spent it on booze!) Have a weakness for chocolate and anything beer related. Despite all of this, they are one of the most down to earth and kindest people you will ever meet and will always be there for you in a crisis. If you are lucky enough to find a Richard Sugar, hold onto him as he will be the truest friend for life, especially if you find a sheep owning one - these ones are a very rare breed indeed!
Champagne lifestyle, lemonade budget? Sounds like a Richard Sugar.

There's always death to look forward to eh Richard Sugar?

There's some outrageous man over there with a laugh loud enough to start a tsunami....must be a Richard Sugar!!!
by Cestlavie! August 21, 2017
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