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Shes an amazing girl , shes got me whipped because i love her that much i know ive hurt her and i wish i never did i love you rhyannan your the most amazing person i know never change .. one more time i love you .. from 24705552
Boy: he whos that girl?
Me: well thats my girlfriend rhyannan
Boy: im jealous
by lakeBayz November 07, 2011
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a beautiful young woman, with the best personality. so caring and has the heart of an angel. she is so stunning and she pulls the boys easily. every girl wants to be like her. she is sometimes short sometimes tall, very intelligent. loves to dance, sing and party till dayy time. she has the bestest humour and is always up for a joke. many boys sometimes are after her but she likes to keep her heart for that one special guy. she is a very respectful young lady who will be very successfull later on in life.
by rhibaby November 06, 2011
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