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A girl who is usually quiet but when around friends you just cant get her to shut up she loves to party and when she dose she passes out.When she gets an idea in her head its hard to get it out of her head.When you ask her something she rarely turns you down.She loves having a boyfriend and loud music.She will help you out with anything if you really need it.She is a bitch time 10 but is nice to when she feels like it.She picks good friends who back her up when shes in trouble and shes never afraid to give people a taste of their own medicine. She loves shopping and hanging out with the guys.She will never turn you down for a date unless you are a huge jerk.She likes guy who have a great sense of humor and are kind to others.When you hit her shell yell really loud "Why you hitting on me?"She will make you laugh and you'll feel like the most luckiest guy in the world.She is very flirty with boys.When she is sad she dose a very good job at hiding it so when she looks sad ask her whats wrong.If you ever come across a Rhayven then consider your self lucky because she will love until the end of time.(Unless you are a jerk)NOTE:She is sexy and mysterious all the guys love her ;-D
Guy 1:Dame that girl is such a Rhayven
Guy 2:Your telling me look at that sexy body!
Guy 3:She is amazing
by Chesire Choice February 16, 2017
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