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When two men or women ram there asses into each other while using a double ended dildo.

Supplies: double ended dildo, two asses
Man, my butt checks are tender from last nights reverse mountain goat party. I must have been rammed at least 5 times.
by Halifax Contributor Consortium December 05, 2005
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When a couple has doggy style sex and the man pulls the girl off bed by her hair until she almost falls backwards and then immediately finishes off on her face while she is still recovering from the fall.
Guy: Ahh ahh...I am close ...about to come (yanks her back off the bed)
Girl: Ooouchhhh
Guy: Ohh yeahhhh

Girl: I think I broke my back.
Guy: Shut up bitch and take it!

Guy 1: Dude your girl from last night has a big bruise on her back

Guy 2: Yea, that's because I reverse mountain goated her! At least she got some moisturizer for her face!
by bluemagic04 September 17, 2013
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