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Noun. Plural: revenge babies.

A baby who has been created purely to get revenge on a boy/girl's ex (Usually the ex-girlfriendof a Neanderthal pretending to be a boy). One of the most spiteful, henious cruelties a girl can possibly inflict.

Revenge babies are often born to mothers - if indeed, you can call them mothers in any sense other than biological - who want possession of their Neanderthals, no matter how violent, uneducated and/or vicious Neanderthal of either gender is

One or both 'parents' is highly likely to have little or no education after leaving high school, be selfish, live in poor-quality housing which may or may not be on a council estate (In the projects/tha hood to those from the US. Other countries, you tell me what your equivalent is!).

Almost all revenge babies are created by chavs and chavettes in the UK, or rednecks,hicks,wiggers and the like in the US. Other countries: Think of your closest equivalent.
These innocent children will have an enormous chip on thier shoulder for the rest of their lives as a result of the immature, petty spitefulness of their 'parents'.

See also: skank baby.
One hopes that a REVENGE BABY will escape the negative reputation that it is given to them before being born and that they will become a law-abiding citizen who cares about their community and has compassion for other people.

Sadly, however, many sadly repeat the vicious cycle their parents started or were part of, regardless of gender.
by _:_:_ November 30, 2011
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