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A "revolution", usually led by elderly conservatives, aimed backwards in time toward the restoration of some idealized period in the past, often the 1950s.

Retrolution (retro-revolution) is a right wing reaction against modern society and politics. Retrolutionists often scream about "Taking the country back" from the liberal, progressive left wing of politics. What they mean is both "taking the country back" physically, as well as "taking the country back" in time, usually to the time of their own youth.

The underlying causes of the retrolutionary spirit are the fear of old age and death, moral disapproval based on resentment, and hatred and envy towards "immoral" young people.
"The Tea Party movement is part of the exciting GOP Retrolution."

"Some would argue that the Bush administration was even more retrolutionary than the Reagan administration."

"Beck and Palin are powerful retrolutionary leaders."
by yieldingcsf March 03, 2010
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