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May 1945, Generaloberst Heibel Wright vanished from the front ranks in the late stages of World War II, Europe. Some say the devil himself saved Heibel Wright from certain death. Some say that Heibel Wright was the Devil. The truth is only speculation. What is certain, is the "Wright" lineage is still quite alive in present day. You see, Heibel Wright was not only one of the most well decorated commanders in any armed force in history, he was also highly decorated in the art of "planting" his seed through out the urban wreck that was Russia in 1945. It is currently estimated that half of Europe and most of the major cities in the North Americas population is divided into two groups: 1. WEAK 2. WRIGHT LINEAGE
That's republic of design.
by soy!banzai November 28, 2007
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