plural: report monkeys

Someone or some group responsible for reporting or "ratting-out" other people. This is done to muzzle others, or to come against others beliefs or ideas. Report Monkeys can also be used to effectively drown out or quell freedom of speech.

Report monkeys use a "report user" button, where the report monkey clicks this button to report a user to notify authorities.

"Report monkeying" is usually performed under the guise of adhering to private standards when in fact is used to manipulate and drown out the masses freedom of expression.
John: hey Dana just reported me on yahoo answers
Steve: what a fucking report monkey !
by Byron Whiteson August 1, 2009
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-In IT Terminology-

An affectionate term for a report developer; especially if he/she is not involved in any aspect of the report developement process other than the actual creating (or coding) of a report.
Similar in use to code monkey and tape monkey
"Yeah, the report looks like crap right now, but I'll have the report monkey fix it up before it goes into production."
by [KPOK] July 22, 2008
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