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A member of the Republican party, especially one belonging to the Corporate wing, or one who voted for G. W. Bush twice. Members of this group seek to maximize corporate profits by any means, including war, propaganda, crime, removal of legal restraints on corporations, disinformation, and outright lies.
Also, one of the mindless shills for George W. Bush and his administration who ceaselessly repeat lies designed to make the actions of other repigs socially acceptable by obscuring their true character. Repigs despise others who do not agree with them, especially if the repig position has been proven to be false, fallacious, or factually inaccurate.
Repigs tend to be homophobic.
Underlying the psychology of repigs is fear, greed, and hatred of anyone unlike them or who does not accept their social conventions and cultural antecedents.
by Querent December 16, 2007
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