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A most definite jungle-sexual boy with over-sized nose hairs. Renalds won't break your heart, or make you feel special. He'll just play soggy biscuit with himself for 3 hours. Later he'll go out to the kitchen to eat the remains of yesterday's roadkill found at the local park.

Renalds is a huge cuckbuster switch, which means he loves getting cucked on his cucks. He'll have you fuck Chad, then have Steven come in and fuck him in the ass, cucking you and Chad simultaneously with a demonstration of incredibly gay jungle-sex.
"god renalds is such a faggot"
"ikr renalds looks like an an anorexic midget gorilla"

"Hey guys, I love white cock."
-Renalds, 2019
by woah, what? March 06, 2019
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