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An under-rated and oft unknown talent that CAN be practiced and was used by the US military to seek out distant and unseeable (by conventional means) things - for lack of a better word for 20 years - at least. Anything anywhere "anytime" can be remote viewed and the practice and use was and is scientifically viable. A TRUE psychic who is NOT a charlatan. One who partakes in the act of remote viewing using proper scientific protocols.
"The remote viewer was able to find the downed plane and the department forwarded the information to President Carter who was very impressed. The program continued for years until the CIA claimed that it didn't work. Many know that this is a typical doublespeak technique and that remote viewing is used today by some of the original military experts. Perhaps - although unprovable - by many governments and/or their agencies."
by psiscott April 08, 2006
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