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A religious person, usually a fundamentalist, whose retreat into a fantasy world of religious delusion causes them to exhibit behavior which may be interpreted as profound mental retardation.
Q: Why is that glassy-eyed person looking up to the sky with outstretched arms and babbling incoherently?

A: Because he's a religiotard.
by Carlos Von Bjornsson April 02, 2006
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<noun> Def. - someone whose stupidity is so encompassingly immense that it can only be expressed on the QUANTUM scale rather than the physical, and the quantity of which has religion (in any form) as its primary means of expression.

Not to be confused with moron, retard, imbecile or cretin, since the quantity of stupidity involved for the religiotard is mathematically greater exponentially {stupid X n n= infinity} and can potentially permeate a large part of the physical universe, rather than only the brains of those nearby.
So you are saying that the universe is ruled by a mysterious invisible sky-being for which we have no proof whatsoever? Are you sure you want to state that you believe that? that breaks all records for stupidity - religiotard alert everybody!!!
by Faith Baiter January 06, 2015
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The term used to describe a religious-retard who is closed to the views and opinions of others, and who also voices their own opinions as fact; whilst commiting crimes against human intelligence in the name of religion.
( henke37 ) Im a christian through and through, god owns you.
( scenestar ) I concur henke37, god is indeed ownage.
( lolage ) Damn religiotards.
( xenon ) Religitards make baby seals cry.
by andysnare February 17, 2009
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