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Female character from the popular Japanese animation TV series-- Gundam Wing. (1995)

Relena is the pampered adoptive daughter of an Earth Alliance minister, and the undisputed Queen-Bee of her upper-class private school. However, she yearns for something more in her well-ordered life, and her chance encounter with Gundam pilot Heero Yuy soon provides exactly the kind of excitement she'd been longing - plus an element of dangerous flirtation. This encounter takes Relena down a path that would ultimately lead to her discovering her true identity and becoming a World leader after ressurecting her lost homeland. Relena strives for a peaceful world throught the series, contantly maintaining her pacifist philosophy for complete world unification and the abolition of all weapons. She is one of the strongest yet simplist characters from Gundam Wing. Her hated reputation is spawned from the fact she is enamoured of Heero Yuy, who is constantly confused about how he feels towards her. This fascination is often interpreted as obsession, and so Relena's good deeds and overall importance as a main character is often overlooked.

Example of this ridiculous malice towards Relena's character is as follows...
Hater1: "OMG Relena is so gay she has a pink limo."
Hater2: "Shes always stalking Heero too."
Hater1: "Heero so OBVIOUSLY loves Duo Maxwell. Relena is a whore!"
Hater2: "OMFG, I know! stupid whore!"
Hater1: "LOLOL Shes a stalking, pink loving whore."
Hater2: "LOL Girl, you know it. I know! Lets go have Heero/Duo sexual fantasies!"
Hater1: "HELL YEAH!"
by Azel December 07, 2003
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a 16-year-old rich brat that is spoiled by Noin,Zechs,and the others buy telling her that she could be queen at such a young age.She realy is a hipocrite because she says shes going to stop this war but she never moves a finger for her people.All she does is stalk a poor handsome boy named Heero Yuy that is one step closer to vomiting if she doesn't leave him alone.Relena thinks she could rule a world with no weapons.There will never be a world without weapons.The world is an endless waltz
by rock goddess August 27, 2003
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