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a reicela is a beautiful girl with the most magnificent hair imaginable. she is small but fabulous. she has the most adorable personality and her smile is infectious. she has small hands but a big heart. reicela deserves all of the love in the world and is kind to everyone and everything. reicela loves dogs and trees and she has the best damn freckles in the world. she makes the most stunning art (it's amazing) and you envy her for her beautiful creativity. she's the kind of person who you would want to write a novel about or something. she gives award winning hugs and has pretty lips. she always tells you to "have a nice day," with the most beautiful accent you ever heard. literally she is a piece of precious human artwork that must be protected at all costs and deserves the universe.

see: beautiful amazing talented smart brilliant smol perfect
billy: wow that girl is so incredible and amazing at art
logan: must be a reicela
by loganoscar June 20, 2017
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