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A misspelling of 'Reblog if you cried'.
Associated with a notoriously poorly worded story with an odious sentiment behind it designed to make complete idiots feel a modicum of human emotion whilst trawling the internet.

Now used in an ironic sense to either laugh at these authors, or to denote false sympathy for a blog post.
"A girl had ovary cancer and she was terminally going to die,
So she was going to have ovary implants surgery.
When the day came when she was having her surgery,
She said goodbye to her parents and told her boyfriend she loved him.
She came out of the surgery and had no cancer because she was cured.
She saw her family but asked where her boyfriend was.
Her mom then said "Wait, didn't the doctor tell you who donated the ovaries?". REGLOB IF YOU CREYD"

#1 So many exams tomorrow...
#1 You're an arse.
by Doc Daneeka November 16, 2011
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