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the various contents of ones' refrigerator which causes you or your guests to helplessly return to it, craving it's delicious contents; such as dips of many varieties, desserts, hummus, or anything else your diabetic, hypoglycemic ass is addicted to.
+ Hey ummm....uhhhh. Buddy.... Whatcha got in there? Got anything good in there? I'll suck your dick for some melba snacks and smoked salmon dip!
-Dude! get the fuck off me. What're you on, Refrigerator crack?
+ Oh come on man, I need some. i need it. Come on man?
-All i got is jalapeno artichoke dip and some pita chips, but i really think you should go to the clinic and get some Snackwells. It'll be ok, just close the refrigerator and let go of the handle.
by Oso D'lyshus March 11, 2008
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