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"Reet squeet", or in shorter terms, "squeet",is a politer way to calm someone a retard. However, it is not used to ridicule someone or something with actually mental disabilities. Insert Reet squeet or squeet in a sentence to describe a person who is just a complete nimrod, idiot, etc. It can be used to mock a friend who has done or said something stupid, or it can be used to describe an obsolete or broken object. In all forms, "reet squeet" is always used in a joking manner.
1. John failed the easiest test that everyone else got an "A" on? Dude, what a reet squeet.
2. Tim forgot his address, he's such a squeet.
3. My phone is broken and won't charge anymore. Fucking squeet phone...
4. Yo reet squeet, remember to pick me up before you go to school because you ALWAYS forget.
by Qwertypop1 April 08, 2011
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