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Affectionately known as a "triple r"; this term refers to any quietly-uttered statement or question (in which case, "triple r" could also stand for "redundant romantic request") that needlessly but pleasantly addresses an already-in-progress action; the purpose is usually to just playfully express gratitude for your romantic partner's taking time to canoodle with you. For example, if you're dreamily watching a sunset with a cutie-chick and you have all ten of her slim delicate digits deeply interlaced with your big leathery ones, and yet you smilingly murmur to her, "wanna hold haaaannndddsss...?"
Huge marshmallow-hearted guy, tenderly cradling a fluffy little number sideways on his lap and nestling her ear against his fuzzy chest so that she can savor his heartbeat: Wanna snuggle?

Cutie, giving a quiet placid giggle at her friend's redundant romantic remark, and slightly tightening her own loving clasp on his brawny encircling arms: We ARE snuggling, you big hairy gorilla!
by QuacksO March 23, 2017
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