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A suburban area in the United States that retains a rural, Southern character, irrespective of geographic region.
The sort of unincorporated suburban neighborhood where you feel like you're in East Jesus, way out in the country, but in fact the bait shops and mobile homes (and these days, tiendas) are densely sited. There's no zoning and often a bass boat on a trailer in the back yard, the sort of back yard where someone could imprison someone in a tent for 18 years as was done to Jaycee Dugard. Redneckaburbia is still far better than a gated community where you couldn't ride your motorcycle anyway, even if it were a BMW. In Redneckaburbia, it's actually very green because you're allowed to grow a vegetable garden and hang a clothesline. And you get to keep your Grillzilla prominently displayed.
by Lady Gamecock Redneck September 14, 2009
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