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A place crowded with thugs that linger outside McDonald's waiting for their next victim to stub their fag out on
Adam- Ayy lets go redhill, need a burga
Luke- Nahh, im scared bruv, I've still got the ash scars from last time you wanted a fkin burgs
Adam- k
by Aladdin April 08, 2015
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When you are doing the butter churn and the guy slaps the girl with his dick, leaving a welt on her for chead.
I did the red hill to my girlfriend and she was mad
by Welwyn dish November 15, 2017
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The smallest and most boring town in the whole world. Despite being in Pennsylvania, everyone tries to be southern trash. Everyone is homophobic and racist. Someone drives around in a pickup truck with a Confederate flag. All the teens work at Redner's and the only 'cool' place to hang out is behind Turkey Hill. High schoolers go behind it to smoke weed because being high is the only way to not be miserable in this shitty town.
My whole family just died but I gotta look on the bright side. I don't live in Red Hill.
by Brohemian Rhapsody October 10, 2016
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