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A man that commonly flirts with women on the site Reddit that acts under the gise of being a man who respects women. Little do you know, the Reddit nice guy plots to ruin your day regardless if you accept or deny his approaches. Reddit nice guys are the kind of people to think their IQ is higher than everyone else's, and uses this to justify being a total douche. Never ever ever ever meet a Reddit nice guy irl unless your filming how to catch a predator.

Reddit nice guys hide in plain site, waiting for those unaware of the warning signs. A man is a Reddit nice guy if:
1. He wears a fadora
2. He mentions that he is not a Reddit nice guy
3. He says vague comments like "just be chill" or "I'm actually quite funny people just do not understand my dry wit"
4. Explains what he is doing it italics
Met this guy online a few weeks ago, thought he was cool until I found out he is a total Reddit nice guy.
by DJ Plato December 26, 2017
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