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When the generally ignorant, gun toting, beer drinking, tobacco chewing, spit swearing, tattoo wearing, etc. aka red neck declothe and nakedness runs rampant. It is usually accompanied by consumption of large quantities of alcohol (usually no-name budget beer) and blinding white bare asses or at least blinding white butt cleavage.
I went to a water park in Whitetrashville and was blinded by all the red neckedness.

After having too much to drink, the trailer park was over run with red neckedness.
by antidentite2000 March 30, 2011
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1. The nature of having redneck traits.
2. Used to describe the levels of redneck one is
Easterner: You are so full of redneckedness that it's gross
Redneck: Sha't up youu, elsewise I'll get my Auntie to plug youu up real good-like with lead. You'd a be killed dead from yer wounds!
by Popemeisterjosh September 20, 2008
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The level at which one would be considered a redneck/how much one acts like a redneck at any given time.
Bubba, I got my redneckedness all the way up to eleven tonight.
by idrownedmyfish7 December 07, 2013
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